Monsoon Home Décor Trends

Monsoon is here and it’s time to bask in the lush green beauty accentuated by the crystal-like water drops. It is that time of the year where we get a break from the dreary schedule, and surprisingly, most of us love spending this season at home cozying up in our comfortable beds rather than making travel plans. But very often in the rainy season, the spacious interiors look damp and gloomy and this is something we cannot afford. So, to help you revamp your space into a bright and cheerful haven, we are listing down the to-do things this monsoon. Go through each very carefully and thank us later!

Enlightened Corners

Monsoon and shadow play in corners go hand in hand. To prevent your home from looking gloomy and lifeless, ensure a good lighting system in the corners. This would not only help you get rid of the shadows but would also create accents. You can use floor standing lamps with intricate holders to give your home a regal and chic look. 219 Boat Club, a breathtaking penthouse at Boat Club Road, offers elegant spaces that can be moulded in any form according to the season. The biggest advantages are the sprawling interiors and majestic windows to let you cradle in comfort and enjoy the bliss of this season.

Cozy Furnishing

Your favourite book, coffee and a cozy corner – perfect plan for a rainy day. To give your home a lively aura, try adding furry cushions and rugs. Soft throw rugs can work wonders to help you make it through an entire day inside. Moreover, cushions and rugs take the chic aesthetics of our abodes a notch higher. Another great addition would be beds with canopies. The soft fabric over the posts falling softly on the bed would take the lively and comfortable appeal to unmatched levels.

A Good Dash of Colour

There is no lie in saying that colours can fix almost everything up. So, open your linen closet, grab colourful cushion covers and sheets, and fill your cozy corner with some happy colours. But while we say that colours can set everything right, you will have to be very careful when you choose the best colours for your home because in any case, you do not want to overdo the colour game. Bright yellows and greens can easily lend the home a cheerful elan, whereas reds and greens will not complement the mood of the season. The colours chosen need to be striking yet soft. Ultra-luxury home at Boat Club Road – 219 Boat Club – displays a perfect melange of right colours that is great not only for monsoon but for all the seasons.

Add green

Adding plants is the key to a lively and happy home. The plants need not be restricted to only your balconies and gardens. It is time you welcome them home. Plants can transform the look of a place easily if you choose the right holder and vase. They give your home an elegant flair. Sturdy cacti or leafy plants, choose the location wisely because if you are adding plants then you will need to cut down on the extravagant decorations.

Keep It Minimal

As soon as the monsoon arrives, the first thing to be done should be decluttering and getting rid of everything that isn’t needed. If your home is stuffed with furniture then it would add to the gloominess of the space in monsoon. Try to keep the décor minimal since it would make the space look happily elegant. 219 Boat Club is an elegant condo at Boat Club Road that boasts of its spacious interiors and unparalleled luxury.

Pick up a pen and jot down the entire process of giving your home a vibrant lick. Then, reach us and share your experience below. We will be happy to hear. Enjoy!

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