Latest Trends in Luxury Living

In the past, luxury was defined as a veneer of opulence – swanky chandeliers and affluent art pieces. But with the changing times, the meaning of luxury has taken a huge leap and the curve has never been so subtle. In the new age, residents see luxury as automated processes, minimal designs and unique amenities that fondle the basic and the most essential needs. The lifestyles have seen a great shift that has remodelled the paradigm of luxury. Based on the requirements, we have created a list of all the intricate details that the new day homes come embedded with, and one greatest example is the glorious penthouse at Boat Club Road, Pune – 219 Boat Club, the rarest invention of new-day luxury. Go through this article and discover the secrets of a luxury-laden lifestyle.

Huge Windows and Ceilings

Enjoying the outside from the comfort of your vantage point – could there be anything more sublime? Spectacular homes come with spectacular views and to meet this requirement in the luxury market, architects have gone a step further to bridge the interior and exterior spaces with lofty ceilings and majestic windows. This feature ensures that the residents are offered a magnificent confluence of lush and luxury. With the changing trends, the luxury properties in Pune are seeing a shift in design and 219 Boat Club is offering ultra-luxurious homes at Boat Club Road, Pune, to introduce people to a prodigious lifestyle. 

Open Decks

A private space, your very own vantage point – a perfect venture into the essence of luxury. Open sundecks are of premium importance in order to let the residents have a time away from the complexities of everyday life. One can walk out to the peaceful deck and admire the pleasant views while sipping on his/her coffee because luxury is now defined as the peace of mind. Out of all the condos in Pune for sale, 219 Boat Club understands the needs of residents to feel calm and hence, offers a spacious apartment with a lavish sundeck overlooking the lush vista.

Private Pools

All the luxury properties in Pune have a common swimming pool, but a private one? That is something only a luxury penthouse can offer. Private pools are for an exclusive dip in serenity and are perfectly Instagrammable. Isn’t that all the millennials hanker to achieve? 219 Boat Club is one of the most breathtaking condominiums in Pune – a more than inviting condominium at Boat Club Road, Pune – that offers an infinity edge pool with a special glass for an obstructed gaze of the neighbours. The pool overlooks the mesmerizing landscape of the city and sits amidst the wonder of nature.

Bathroom with a View

Luxury denotes a lifestyle which exudes comfort and is pleasing to the eyes. So, the major luxury trend in 2018 is a bathroom with the view. The uber-luxury condo at Boat Club Road, Pune – 219 Boat Club – offers not only a bathroom with an idyllic view, but also features a sunken jacuzzi that is placed in line with the lush beauty of nature. Your favourite book, a rejuvenating jacuzzi, a glass of champagne and the endless beauty of nature ahead – what a life to be lived!

If you are on the hunt of new home then definitely consider these must-follow trends because this life is lived only once and what is a home if it is not your favourite and the cosiest place in the world?

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