219 Boat Club – An Ode to Luxury

If there is anything that is being talked about these days in the world of luxury, then it is certainly the opulent 219 Boat Club. But is it just another competitor in the luxury market or is it the fine distinction between luxurious and extraordinarily luxurious living? Let’s find out.

The name 219 Boat Club has set the sails in the vast ocean of luxury and all that we hear these days is how it has succeeded in changing the ultimate meaning of opulence. Designed by the prestigious UAE based firm Merint Group, 219 Boat Club is the finest specimen of luxurious privileges. It has very gloriously spearheaded the change by depicting how luxury should not only be used as a veneer, rather, it should sit at the core of construction. Here are a few highlights of the immensely impressive 219 Boat Club – a luxurious residential project in Pune.


It is rightly said the first impression is the last, and 219 Boat Club has taken this very seriously. The lobby area consists of 275 hand-blown responsive LED lights with brass inserts. It creates a sense of movement and accentuates the three distinct water bodies. The moment you enter the lobby, it welcomes you with an unmatchable perfection. What a grand welcome!


Each apartment sits individually on the floor, so if you choose to be a resident at 219 Boat Club, then the entire floor belongs to you. Moreover, the lift lobby consists of special modern-day glasses for an obscured view of the lift lobby, so that people in the lift might not be able to get a glimpse of your entrance. The various glasses used in the apartment only add to the privacy. A special Privalite glass incorporated turns from clear to frosted on the touch of a button. Each and every detail suggests perfection and exclusivity.

Sunken Jacuzzi

The apartments at 219 Boat Club consist of 2 master bathrooms with a sunken jacuzzi in each one of them. The idea of a sunken jacuzzi was to let the residents comfortably step into it without having to climb over to get in. The jacuzzi overlooks the pleasant green views outside – a perfect thing to do when you wish to soak in some 5-starish comfort in your own home.    

Sun Deck 

Each apartment consists of a wooden deck that overlooks the enchanting foliage. The even floors have 2 decks – one long deck and one squarish deck. The square-shaped deck can be accessed privately from the bedroom while the long deck is accessible through the living room. These decks can be used for both quiet get-togethers and crazy parties. Or if you wish, just walk out with your coffee and a great book to enjoy the peaceful sunset.

25’ Infinity Pool

Each floor has a 25’ infinity pool and is accessible through the long deck. The pool also overlooks the beauty of green ahead and promises a delightful time be it a scorching summer day or a gloomy cloudy day. Patterned screens are used in order to prevent overlooking between the alternating pools.

There is way more to 219 Boat Club that easily makes it the best residential project in Pune. It offers the most luxurious apartments that one needs to see to believe.

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